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Carpal tunnel release costs

We have provided an indication of the cost of carpal tunnel release in Harley Street, based on the prices established by several of the major providers of private surgery in the area.

Prices for carpal tunnel release in Harley Street

Indicative price range:

From £2,130

Operation: Carpal tunnel release

Other names
Endoscopic carpal tunnel repair

DescriptionCarpal tunnel release surgery involves cutting the carpal ligament to make more space for the nerves and tendons in the carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel surgery can usually be done on a day case basis. The operation may be done using an endoscope, a thin flexible telescope that is inserted into a small cut in the wrist. Images are transmitted to a screen, allowing the surgeon to see inside the wrist. In a more traditional, open operation, a longer cut is made in the palm of the hand. The endoscopic repair leaves a smaller scar, and usually allows people to get back to their usual activities more quickly. However, there may be a slightly higher risk of nerve damage with endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery.

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