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New invisible hearing solution delivers immediate benefits


A new hearing instrument may make it easier for people with a strong preference for an invisible hearing solution to take the first step toward better hearing. Custom-made for existing hearing aid wearers and first time users, Oticon Intigai is an “out of sight…and out of mind” hearing solution that hides comfortably in the ear canal and enables users to experience the benefits of better hearing right away.  

Many people typically wait 7 to 10 years to seek help for hearing loss. Meeting their expectations for obvious benefits quickly is key to achieving acceptance and long-term wear of amplification. The new hearing instrument’s highly desirable invisible benefit provides added incentive for people who also want a hearing instrument that is invisible to them and the people around them. 

“We know that for many people with hearing loss, the decision to seek professional help can take a great deal of time and consideration,” explains Miss Orla Kealy Bsc RHAD, Clinical Audiologist of Cubex Hearing Health Professionals. “Once the decision to move ahead is made, however, people expect hearing solutions that will enable them to experience improved speech understanding and all day comfort right away. With Intigai, those benefits are quickly noticable to users, their families and friends but the hearing instrument itself remains comfortably out of sight…and out of mind.” 

Housed in Intigai’s tiny shell are a number of premium audiological features also found in the original Intiga, a family of hearing solutions that has been proven in an international clinical study to deliver immediate benefits and immediate acceptance for existing users and people new to hearing instruments. (Behrens et al., 2011) Invisible-in-the-ear Intigai’s high-speed sound processing provides access to vital speech cues to improve speech intelligibility and reduce listening effort.

“Intigai’s flexible design features increase the ability of hearing health professionals to provide more patients with a comfortable, custom fit,” adds Orla. “The custom fit also means that the hearing instrument is protected and stays in place during physical activity”.

For clients who may not be candidates for the custom fit Intigai, there are a variety of small, sleek hearing solutions that fit discreetly behind the ear and are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Many, like the original Intiga, come with wireless connectivity that enables the hearing device to act as a wireless, hands-free headset for mobile phones and other entertainment devices.    

For more information about hearing loss and the new Intigai hearing solution, call 0207 935 5511 or sign up on www.cubex.co.uk/signup. 

Harley Street News: 20 March 2012