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Smartblood: Blood testing in Harley Street London

Smartblood London

Smartblood offers a range of diverse pathology tests to private patients seeking fast and efficient results. Located near Harley Street, Smartblood provides a range of advanced blood tests  including;  antibody, blood group typing, cancer, cholesterol, complete blood count, diabetes, fatigue and fertility.

Smartblood London

Blood testing on Harley Street

Smartblood follows the format of Blue Horizon Pathology Passport System, this enables them to provide an extensive range of affordable blood testing that can show patients more information on their health compared to an average NHS test.  Patients at Smartblood London can access more than 600 tests over a wide range of pathology disciplines.

Smartblood work with a team of dedicated doctors and support staff, all of whom are passionate to give all their patients a personalised and efficient service.

Patients at Smartblood can order their blood tests online or by calling 0333 772 0828. After confirmation, patient can just walk into Smartblood London centre on 76 Wimpole Street, London. No appointment is required; patients can have their blood test at their own convenience.

Fast blood results in London

Smartblood work in an extremely clean environment, and help reduce sample age errors by ensuring all samples are analysed as soon as possible - most results will be back within 5 working days of your appointment. Please allow an additional day for doctors to check the samples and pass on any comments of your results.

Complete 3 simple steps

Choose your blood test

  • Select one or more of their 600 Smartblood Tests 

Attend your Smartblood centre
  • Visit your local Smartblood centre at a Private Hospital


Receive your Smartblood report

  • You will be advised on the next steps following individual results 

Smartblood tests in London

Patients can design their perfect blood test to fit their needs. A selection of additional tests can be found below.



Blood testing, including:

  • Antibody
  • Blood group typing
  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • Complete blood count
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Fertility




Smartblood London
76 Wimpole Street

Tel: 0333 772 0828

Email: support@smartblood.co.uk

Web: www.smartblood.co.uk/London


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