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Clinic BeauCare: Cosmetic surgery in London

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Clinic BeauCare is one of the leading providers of cosmetic surgery in Belgium.   They are located in the “heart of Europe” within easy reach of everyone.

Clinic BeauCare works only with highly qualified plastic surgeons and has almost 10 years of experience in plastic surgery.  They offer you professional treatment at affordable prices (their prices are up to 60% less than prices in the UK!).

Clinic BeauCare provides monthly consultations in Harley Street. All surgery is performed at the clinic's modern facility near Brussels.

Clinic BeauCare - Doctors HSG

By using the latest techniques and materials as well as experienced and professional cosmetic surgeons they can make your dream come true (at an amazing price!!)

Plastic and reconstructive procedures offered

Their surgeons Dr Sara Ulens, Dr Wim Danau, Dr Ina Vrints and Dr Stefanie Bosselaers perform a wide range of plastic and reconstructive procedures and always give a warranty against complications.






















Buttock & thigh




If you have questions or wish to make an appointment, please call 0032 2756 0403 or send them an email.

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Why choose Clinic BeauCare?


  1. Clinic BeauCare are only dedicated to cosmetic surgery (no reconstructive surgery, no non-surgical procedures, no laser peeling, no bleaching etc)

  2. Experienced surgeons all of whom are registered with the General Medical Council and the Belgian Order of Physicians.

  3. BeauCare staff (nurses, secretaries) work solely within the fields of cosmetic surgery and have more than 10 years of experience.


  1. Annually renewed certification of KIWA after an audit by the medical auditing company KIWA
  2. Member of the Belgian Association of private clinics (BSPC) 
  3. Three operating rooms of S3 standard with purified air (class ISO 3). The risk of nosocomial infection is almost non-existent. An anesthesiologist is always present.


  1. The clinic`s guarantee is that they offer a free re-intervention in case of medical complication within one year of the surgery.

  2. Clinic BeauCare only use approved breast implants, approved by the Belgian Ministry of Public Health.



  1. 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. Thanks to advanced technologies and the experience of BeauCare surgeons, all procedures can be performed in a one day clinic system.

  2. The clinic has a central location and is very easy accessible. There are lots of places to park in front of the clinic. Due to the proximity of the airport, the Eurostar train station and Thalys (Brussels) and several major roads, Clinic BeauCare patients come from various different countries throughout Europe.


  1. Clinic BeauCare prices are net prices (all included); patients will not be confronted with extra charges.

Clinic Beaucare cosmetic surgery - waiting room

During your stay at their clinic they will make you comfortable and secure.  A personal approach is their trade mark!

Because they use the best and latest techniques your procedure can be completed in a day and you can leave the clinic on the same day.  

Dr Ulens, Dr Danau and Dr Bosselaers are fully accredited specialists in plastic surgery  and are on the Specialist Register in Plastic Surgery with the General Medical Council (GMC reference number Dr Ulens 7123294; Dr Danau 6034993; Dr Bosselaers GMC: 6129003).

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment, please contact  Clinic Beaucare.



Clinic BeauCare Head Office

Peutiesesteenweg 111
1830 Machelen (Brussels)


Tel:  0032 2756 0403

Fax: + 32 (0)2 756 04 05


Clinic BeauCare London

1 Harley Street



Tel (Low cost calls):  0032 2756 0403


Email: info@clinicbeaucare.com

Web:   www.clinicbeaucare.co.uk 

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