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        The London Squint Clinic for Kids


Located in the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital, The London Squint Clinic for Kids specialises exclusively in the treatment of squint and lazy eye in children. Helping to restore their vision, this dedicated clinic offers comprehensive squint treatment delivered by expert ophthalmologist, Mr Nadeem Ali

The London Squint Clinic for Kids 

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Offering a warm welcome to both private and international patients, this specialist squint clinic offers a comprehensive service for children suffering from squint or lazy eye. 

Committed to delivering the highest standards of ophthalmic care, The London Squint Clinic for Kids specialises exclusively in this particular area of ophthalmology to allow for a greater understanding into the condition, so your child receives the very best treatment from their experienced consultants

They pair their superior ophthalmic care, with state-of-the-art technology, innovative techniques, and as they are based in a world renowned eye hospital, they promise a wealth of expertise, all delivered in a safe and friendly environment

Going the extra mile to make your child feel right at home, your child will be seen by the very same consultant, every step of the way, from the initial consultation the post checkup after treatment. 

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Dedicated squint clinic

The London Squint Clinic for Kids provides a complete service for the treatment of lazy eye and squint conditions, not matter how complex, including: 

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  • Turns
  • Drifts
  • cross eyes
  • Squints (strabismus)
  • Lazy eye (amblyopia)
  • Double vision
  • Vision problems
  • First time and corrective squint surgery 

What is squint? 

A squint or strabismus is a condition where the two eyes are misaligned. It can be identified as a turn or a drift in the eye and other people may see that the eyes are pointing in different directions. Those suffering from squint can often suffer from double vision, however there a variety of ways in which squint can be treated, including surgery.  

Squint treatment 

At The London Squint Clinic for Kids they believe that with the right treatment and doctor they can provide the best possible outcome to your child's eye problem. That's why your child will be treated by Mr Nadeem Ali, a highly experienced ophthalmologist, who with his team of carefully selected professionals aims to provide the very highest standards of ophthalmic care.

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Your child will undergo a comprehensive initial consultation where they not only will be seen by Mr Ali, but they will also see an experienced orthopist who will measure their vision and an optometrist who will conduct tests to judge whether your child is in need of glasses, combining three appointments into a single consultation. 

This is because not all children need surgery, so their experts in the initial consultation will always first make sure that your child is wearing the right pair of glasses, as this alone can be effective in treating your child's eye problem. If after their thorough investigations your child is found suitable for surgery, then this can help transform their vision.

World class team

When at The London Squint Clinic for Kids you will be treated by a multidisciplinary team of extensively experienced professionals led by Mr Nadeem Ali, a highly qualified Consultant Ophthalmologist. 

Together with his small team of experts he will provide the very best of care, creating a warm and friendly environment for your child to enjoy their restored vision. Also part of his expert team, are experienced Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmic Anaesthetists who with their extensive skill set understand the anesthetic requirements for paediatric squint surgery. 

Mr Nadeem Ali 

Mr Nadeem Ali is an extensively experienced Consultant Ophthalmologist at the world renowned Moorefields Eye Hospital, London. Mr Ali also provides emergency eye care at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, London's world-class children's hospital, where he holds the post of an Honorary Consultant. 

He specialises exclusively in the treatment of squint conditions and lazy eye, focusing all his attention to providing the very best treatment to children suffering from these conditions.  With extensive training, a triple first class degree and multiple fellowships from prestigious institutions under his belt, Mr Ali is an expert in his field.


  • Squint surgery 
  • Lazy eye



The London Squint Clinic for Kids

Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre

Moorfields Eye Hospital

3 Peerless Street



Tel: 0207 566 2604

Email: pp.nadeem.ali@moorfields.nhs.uk

Web: www.londonsquintclinicforkids.com


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